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Will a DUI Cause Me to Lose My Car Insurance?

Insurance companies often check their customers’ driving records every few years or so, or when a potential customer is applying for an insurance policy. If the insurance provider discovers that one of their customers has been convicted of a DUI, they will often either raise the premium rates or cancel the insurance policy entirely.

Why Do My Premium Rates Rise After a DUI Conviction?

If the insurance company allows the driver to continue with the policy, he or she will most likely be labeled as “high risk.” This label may raise the premium immensely. In many cases, the increase may be as high as three times the price of the normal cost.

Additionally, the driver will be required to file proof of insurance (form SR-22) with the DMV for up to five years. The insurance company will need to file several documents with the DMV and even inform the DMV if the insurance policy is canceled.

What Can I Do If My Insurance Coverage is Cancelled?

Whether your insurance rates are too high or your insurance coverage was canceled altogether, you can still obtain cheap insurance coverage. There are typically two tiers of insurance companies: preferred and non-standard.

Here are a few examples of the following two types of insurance companies:

  • Preferred companies – State Farm, Farmers Insurance, and Geico
  • Non-standard companies – Infinity Auto Insurance, GMAC Insurance, and Mercury Insurance Group

It is important to understand those non-standard insurance companies will accept people with infractions on their driving record. They are considered discount carriers that insure drivers with unsatisfactory driving records. While they are tiers within the non-standard companies that have certain coverages, many non-standard companies prefer to deal with customers with less-than-ideal driving records.

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