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I Was Drunk in a Parked Car-Is It Still DUI?

If you know you’ve had too much to drink for the night, a smart option is to sleep in your car until you’re sober again, right? Unfortunately, you can still get charged with a DUI for trying to “sleep it off” in the vehicle in California.

While you may think that someone cannot be arrested for “driving under the influence” if he or she were not actually driving, police have no clue if an individual was about to operate the vehicle or not. Hence, in the interest of public safety, courts may consider whether the driver was attempting to drive or reasonably could have been driving or not.

In the event police officers discover someone asleep in their car, law enforcement officials can conduct a “welfare check” to check on the safety of people in the vehicle asleep. Probable cause to investigate further can be obtained by police if they suspect alcohol. According to California law, you can also be arrested attempted DUI for exhibiting or attempting to exhibit the specific intent to drive, despite the car being parked.

So the next time you consider “sleeping it off” in your car, either request a ride from a ridesharing app or taxi, or call a friend to pick you up.

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