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Ventura DUI Appeals Lawyer

Legal Assistance with Your DUI Appeal

Have you been convicted of a DUI and need assistance with appealing the outcome? You should know that appeals are typically only granted if it can be proven that there were serious legal errors that occurred during your case. While it is understandable that many trials will have minor errors over, these errors are so slight that they have little effect on the verdict.

Unfortunately, true legal errors, including withheld information or juror misconduct, as examples, do have a negative impact. If that is the case, it is in your best interests to contact The Law Office of Robert F. Sommers right away.

Finding Grounds for Appeal

Many issues can be raised to support a DUI appeal. For example, an attorney can call attention to certain procedures that were conducted incorrectly or beyond the protocol during the trial. Some examples. A Ventura DUI appeal lawyer might also consider any substantive procedures, such as suppression of evidence or contest whether or not there was probable cause to arrest the defendant in the first place.

This is the process of a DUI appeal:

  1. Notice of Appeal is Filed
    • Misdemeanor appeals should be filed within 30 days
    • Felony appeals should be filed within 60 days
  2. Case records are requested, and oral proceedings commence.
  3. Briefs are submitted to appellate court
    • The Opening Brief should be filed 40 days after the appeal.
  4. Oral arguments are then presented.
  5. Appellate court presents its final judgment.

These are the possible outcomes of the final judgment:

  • Sentencing
  • Order of probation or a final conviction
  • Insanity commitment
  • Mental disorder offender commitment
  • Addiction commitment

At The Law Offices of Robert F. Sommers, we are prepared to fight any conviction. We can take your case through appellate court and beyond to protect your rights. Mr. Sommers has been helping others for over 20 years and has handled more than 4, 000 DUI cases. As a Venture DUI appeals attorney, he knows all of the ins and outs of the courtroom and is ready to stand firm for you during this stressful time.

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