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Ventura Suspended License Lawyer

Helping Our Clients Maintain Their Driving Privileges

Not only does being charged with a DUI involve jail time and expensive fines, but also license suspension for a predetermined amount of time. If you depend on using your vehicle to drive to work, school, transport your children or help your family members conduct their daily activities, having a suspended driver’s license can cause a major disruption in your life.

At the Law Offices of Robert F. Sommers, we have successfully assisted clients in both individual and commercial driver’s license cases for over two decades. Our Ventura DUI attorney is capable of protecting your rights in order to get your life back on track.

Legal Guidance from a DUI Defense Lawyer

An individual who was arrested for DUI faces two legal hurdles – a criminal proceeding and a DMV hearing, which could result in a license suspension from four months to three years. The California DMV will automatically revoke your license if you fail to request a hearing within 10 calendar days of your arrest.

If you decide to drive with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, you may face the following penalties:

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Our Ventura DUI attorneys can aggressively and adequately explain to the courts why your license should not be suspended, or at least have a provisional license due to the repercussions you may suffer due to a suspended license. We can cross-examine the arresting police officer in order to determine the best course of action to get your license back.

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