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What You Should Know About Mandatory Alcohol Rehabilitation Classes

If you have been convicted of a DUI, you have probably be assigned to mandatory alcohol rehabilitation classes. These classes, often referred to as “DUI School,” must be signed up for within 21 days after sentencing or you could face additional penalties. The length of the classes depends on the type of class you enroll with and if you have any prior DUI convictions on your record.

Our Ventura DUI defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Robert F. Sommers shares what you should know about DUI School before choosing one.

  • Make sure your DUI School has a license: In order for your class to count towards your mandatory penalty, the DUI School must be licensed with California. Asking to see a license can help you ensure that you are taking classes that will actually count, rather than just forking your money over to someone who will take it and run.
  • DUI School costs money: Many people don’t think about the costs of DUI School, especially since the court might have made you already pay fines on top of all your other punishments. Classes are a minimum of around $200, but longer programs can quickly add up to be in the thousands. If you can’t afford DUI School, speak with the court about setting up a payment plan for the classes.
  • Just taking the course isn’t enough: You have to successfully pass DUI School for it to count towards your punishment. If you do not successfully pass, not only will the money you spent on the course be wasted, but the DMV can revoke your license. A lot is at stake for you to pass your class, so you should take it seriously and not just think that showing up is good enough.

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