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Drunk Drivers Are the Scariest Part of Halloween

This Halloween weekend, the scariest thing you might see isn’t the kid in a bloody mask; it’s the drunk drivers on the road. During Halloween, children a twice as likely to be struck by a car while crossing the street; and 26% of pedestrian fatalities involved someone driving while under the influence. Furthermore, nearly 43% of all fatal car crashes on Halloween involve a drunk driver.

If you plan to go out to a bar or a friend’s house, stay safe—don’t drink and drive!

Tips to Avoid a DUI on Halloween

  • Designate a Sober Driver: Halloween can be a fun time to let loose and enjoy some adult beverages, but it doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible. If you and your friends plan to drink, ask one in your group to be the sober driver. The friend that agrees to be the sober driver is doing you all a favor,; return their kindness by offering to pay for their cover at the bar and any non-alcoholic drinks they want for the night.
  • Take Public Transportation: If you are partying in an area close to a bus or train stop, look up the schedule. Often, transit companies run later on nights they think people will be drinking and need safe rides home.
  • Sleep at a Friend’s House: Crashing at the host’s house isn’t something you should do without permission. Talk to your friend before the party to ask if you can spend the night. You could offer to help clean up in the morning, and your friend will likely accept your request.
  • Use Uber or Lyft: These incredibly convenient apps have changed the way we think of getting around. If you have never used the app before, look for promo codes for first-time riders. Companies like Uber and Lyft usually offer first time users $20 off their first ride, which could cover the entire ride home depending on how far you have to go.

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