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What Jobs or Licenses Can a DUI Conviction Cost Me?

Not only does a DUI conviction result in jail time, fines, and license suspension, but also leave a permanent mark on your criminal record that could affect your current employment status and future job opportunities. While there is no law which specifically prohibits employers from firing or hiring people with drunk driving convictions on their record, many employers do not like to hire these individuals as their conviction could be an indication of alcohol addiction or the job they applied for required special skills.

Many employers will ask a prospective employee whether he or she has a criminal conviction on the application. Remember, it is wise to be honest since lying can result in being fired later if your employer finds out you lied.

A DUI conviction can affect the following work fields:

  • Commercial drivers – Whether you are a commercial truck driver or public bus driver, the DMV periodically sends out up-to-date information about driving records to employers. If it is revealed that a driver has been convicted of a DUI, then getting fired could be a potential consequence. While having a potentially dangerous driver on the road is quite a risk, the employer’s insurance provider would be reluctant to insure a driver with a DUI conviction.
  • Healthcare providers – If you are a nurse, a DUI conviction can have a negative impact on your license. For a physician, one felony DUI charge or more than one misdemeanor may affect their license and lead to some form of discipline.
  • Work with children – If you are a teacher or a daycare provider, you may have trouble finding work with a DUI conviction on your record since you are planning to work with children.
  • Insurance and real estate industries – People who work in the real estate and insurance fields have been penalized for a DUI by the relevant government department agency since the ability to make proper judgments could be affected. The common result is revocation of licenses.
  • At-Will Employment – Under these circumstances, employers are able to fire an employee if he or she is convicted of a DUI. Additionally, employees working with an employment contract may also be fired if the conditions of the job include avoiding criminal arrest and conviction.

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