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The Driving Patterns the Police Look For

The evidence against you in a DUI case will most likely include the arresting officer’s testimony about mistakes that you committed while driving. This will typically be the reason the officer pulled you over from the start.

It is important to understand that police do not have a right to stop just any vehicle on the road. They must possess a reason to pull you over, so they base their suspicion of intoxicated driving on several “cues” which indicate a motorist might be drunk.

The following are common cues composed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that indicate drunk driving:

  • Issues maintaining adequate lane position
    • Weaving
    • Swerving
    • Drifting
    • Crossing lane lines
    • “Straddling” a lane line
    • Extremely wide turns
    • Nearly hitting a vehicle or fixed object
  • Speeding and braking problems
    • Driving too fast or too slow
    • Stopping difficulties
    • Varying speed
    • Accelerating or decelerating for no apparent reason
  • Judgement issues
    • Tailgating or following too closely
    • Improper or unsafe lane changes or turns
    • Stopping inappropriately in response to a police vehicle
    • Unusual behavior in vehicle
    • Driving off the roadway
    • Appearing to be impaired
  • Vigilance problems
    • Driving with your headlights off
    • Failure to use a turn signal properly
    • Slow to respond to traffic signals
    • Slow to respond to an officer’s signals
    • Stopping in the lane for no apparent reason

How Our Ventura DUI Attorney Can Protect Your Rights & Future

Law enforcement officials are almost always able to find a reason to stop a driver on suspicion of drunk driving. In many cases, claiming they saw you “swerve” is their word against your own.

It is critical to obtain legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can investigate your case, examine all of the available evidence (e.g. traffic light cameras and dashboard cams), and build an effective defense strategy to get the best results possible.

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