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Do I Need A DUI Lawyer For A First Offense?

At The Law Offices of Robert F. Sommers, we understand the benefits of seeking legal representation from an experienced attorney. They possess extensive knowledge of the legal system and the ability to properly navigate complicated administration procedures. It’s imperative to seek legal counsel if you’re a repeat offender. However, if it’s your first-time DUI offense with no additional or aggravating charges, including high blood alcohol content, DUI with a minor in the vehicle, or reckless driving, then you may be able to handle the case on your own.

You may plead guilty if it’s your first DUI. But before you decide, it’s important to learn about the California DUI laws, penalties and fines in order to make a calculated decision. Those who decide to plead guilty often assume the charges or punishment will be reduced. Yet, pleading guilty makes it easier for the court to administer the maximum penalties.

The maximum penalties for a first-time DUI include:

  • Maximum six month jail sentence
  • Pay $1000 in fines
  • Maximum five year probation
  • Up to nine months in a drug or alcohol program
  • Ignition interlock device installation in your vehicle
  • Six month license suspension

Despite the penalties against you, the most damaging consequence is having a criminal record. This may hinder your opportunity to register for college, apply for a job or purchase a home. Having a DUI defense attorney may be able to get your charges reduced, even your entire case dismissed.

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