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CHP Given Grant to Fight DUIs

As of October 1, California Highway Patrol has begun a yearlong campaign decrease the number of people driving while impaired in Ventura County. The grant was given by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The grant authorizes 1,600 hours of overtime for the campaign. CHP is targeting the following highways.

  • Highway 101
  • Highway 126
  • Highway 33
  • Highway 34
  • Highway 118
  • Highway 150
  • Highway 232
  • Pacific Coast Highway roadways under CHP’s jurisdiction

Capt. Terry Roberts stated, “With a proactive approach to raising awareness and eliminate driving under the influence, we can continue to reduce the number of collisions occurring in Ventura County.” Officials believe this approach will remove impaired drivers from the road before they kill or severely injure themselves or others on the road.

Are You Planning to Drink this Halloween?

If you are planning to drink this Halloween, make sure you drink responsibly, as mentioned above, police will strictly enforcing and patrolling highways for impaired drivers. If you plan to drink this Halloween, make sure you have a safe, sober ride home.

  • Ask a friend to be a designated driver
  • Program the number of a cab company into your phone
  • If you are partying at a friend’s house, ask to spend the night
  • Download an app like Uber or Lyft

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