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How Do I Know if I Am Over the Legal Limit?

Many people, especially among the youth, have a sense of pride knowing that they can have numerous alcoholic drinks without feeling drunk. However, it is important to remember that law enforcement is not looking at how well someone can function after having a few too many drinks. If a police officer suspects someone is drunk, he or she can ask that person to participate in a blood or breath test to test the amount of alcohol in his or her blood system.

In California, the legal limit for one’s blood-alcohol concentration (BAC), which is the amount of alcohol in the blood system, is 0.08%. That means that it is illegal for anyone 21 and over to drink and drive. If an officer has probable cause, then they may have grounds to arrest someone under this premise.

How Much Can I Drink Before Going Over the Limit?

First, it is important to understand that law enforcement is not looking to punish someone for being intoxicated; rather, the issue is whether or not that person can exercise proper precaution and judgment to stay safe on the road. That is why 0.08% is considered the benchmark.

Once someone has hit that limit, many cognitive functions, such as the ability to make rational decisions and rely on defensive driving techniques. Every drink only increases the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream, causing a rise in one’s BAC.

These would be the equivalent of one drink:

  • A 12 fl oz. beer
  • A 5 oz. glass of wine
  • A 1.5 fl oz. shot of hard liquor

It is not necessarily about the number of drinks, as the level of drunkenness will depend on how the individual: gender, weight, body fat percentage, and even how much the person has had to eat that day. The safest bet and the most reasonable answer to the question of how many drinks it takes to get drunk is zero. Too many factors can impact the outcome of your BAC measurement.

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