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Avoid the 20 DUI Campaign

Drunk driving is the most common reason for fatalities on the road. In an effort the to decrease the number of fatalities caused by drunk driving the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has administered over $500 million in grant programs across all 50 states so law enforcement can conduct effective highway safety programs. The “Avoid the 20” DUI Task Force is an organization of 20 law enforcement agencies across two counties working to help prevent DUI related accidents on the road.

The Avoid the 20 campaign is named so that motorist are reminded that if they don’t drink or do drugs and drive, then they are can avoid arrest by any number of the 20 law enforcement agencies working to fight DUI related injuries or fatalities.

Law enforcement plans to crack down on drugged and drunk driving by setting up DUI/driver license checkpoints and stationing roving DUI patrol cars in areas where previous DUIs have occurred. The grant also aims to target the repeat DUI offenders by conducting warrant and probation sweeps. Law enforcement will also focus on conducting court sting operations targeting DUI offenders who drive to court hearings on suspended licenses.

Motorists should expect to see increased efforts during holidays with historically higher rates of DUI arrests. Police plan to release this campaign during the winter and summer holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and other community events.

If you were arrested during the Avoid the 20 campaign, it is imperative you contact a skilled Venture DUI lawyer to protect your rights.

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