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5 Things to Look For in a DUI Attorney

When you’re arrested for a DUI and a plea bargain agreement is not an option (since it results in a permanent mark on your criminal record), hiring a DUI attorney is your only choice. However, there are many good and bad lawyers to select from, especially in the Ventura County area. In order to decide on the best DUI lawyer that qualifies for your particular case, here are five things to look out for.

1) Highly Experienced

Most young attorneys are required to work for the Public Defender’s Office or State Attorney’s Office once they finish law school. In regards to private attorneys, the less years they of experience they have established, the less amount of time they have to develop their skills and knowledge of the legal system. Although you may run into lawyers who have done a terrible job for a number of years, it’s best to research their accolades, such as the amount of cases they have won for their clients or awards won.

2) Speaks Your Language

California is known for its diversity, a large community derived of various cultures from all across the world. Whether it’s Spanish, Chinese, or Tagalog, having an attorney who is capable of communicating in your native tongue and understand your cultural background benefits your working relationship.

3) Complimentary Initial Consultation

Before you purchase a car, you want to test drive it first to see if it’s really the car you want. The same goes with hiring an attorney. You want someone who you can sit down and consult with prior to hiring him or her, particularly if you are financially restrained. You are able of asking as many questions as you please without the pressure of paying for their initial consultation.

4) Positive Client Testimonials

Feedback from other clients can help determine your choice for an attorney. The more positive testimonials the attorney has received over the years, the more reliable he/she is when it comes to handling your case. Please read each testimonial to see if any previous client dealt with similar circumstances like yours. Other sources of feedback includes Yelp or Google+.

5) Trusted by Peers and Others

This may sound obvious, but hiring someone you can completely trust with your case (and essentially your reputation) requires a large amount of it. Since you are placing your life in someone else’s hands, you must also find an attorney who is completely honest with you, as opposed to telling you things that you want to hear. Hiring someone honest and trustworthy will not only help you with your current case, but perhaps any future mistakes that may occur in life.

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